Individual Therapy
Deciding to contact a therapist for you, your family, or your child takes courage and continuing the relationship takes commitment. With this courage and commitment comes change.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length and are offered both in-home and virtually.


Family Therapy
An adolescent’s patterns of behavior are naturally influenced by the family of origin and this behavior cannot be separated from the family; each individual in a family unit can be impacted by one member’s actions. Consequently, behavioral change in one family member can positively affect family functioning. Jaime offers both family therapy on its own or within the context of individual adolescent support.


School Consultation
Navigating the IEP, 504 Plan, or other school accommodation plan process can be daunting. Jaime can assist in requesting appropriate accommodations through the lens of a learning specialist, as well as a mental health professional. This may include working in concert with school administrators, counselors, or members of the student support team.


Coordinated Care for Treatment
When an adolescent needs a higher level of treatment, it can feel like a crisis for the whole family. While your child is in treatment, Jaime will work to support your family by liaising between the treatment center and school. Additionally, she will be present to help transition your teen back into the family unit upon discharge.


Sliding Scale for Educators
Teaching is absolutely one of the most rewarding careers and as the landscape of education is continually changing, educators deserve support. Any job can illuminate an individual’s perceived shortcomings, but education has a way of reminding an individual of their younger self. Jaime will work with you, on a well-deserved sliding scale, so you can be present for the students in your care.

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